Welcome to the Photoreceptor Lab at UC Davis

 Research groups of Drs. Marie Burns and Edward N. Pugh, Jr.
Screenshot 2014-06-18 17.59.16

DIC image of AAV-mediated GFP expression in cones

The first steps in vision begin in the rod and cone photoreceptors of the retina, which transduce photons of light into electrical signals. Our lab examines the biochemical and biophysical properties of signaling in photoreceptors, as well as the consequences of defective signaling on visual performance.

We are also trying to understand why and how photoreceptors die, which is the ultimate leading cause of untreatable blindness in humans. Photoreceptor degeneration, like all neurodegenerative diseases, leads to microglial activation and neuroinflammation. We are trying to understand the regulation of neuroinflammation, its relationship to neovascularization, and its helpful vs harmful consequences for perserving neuronal and synaptic function.