Suction Electrode Recording

Once the retina is pulled away from the pigmented epithelium, the outer segments of photoreceptors are on the surface and can be sucked into an electrode for recording. This approach enables us to measure the amplitude and time course of single photon responses in intact, living rods.

Whole Cell Recording

The retina can be embedded in agarose and cut into thick cross sections for whole cell recording. This allows targeting of neuronal or glial cell somas or other cellular compartments for intracellular recording.

Corneal Electroretinograms

Placing an electrode on the corneal surface is a non-invasive approach to record overall retinal function. We use ERGs to X.

In Vivo Multimodal Imaging

Visually-Guided Behavior

Viral Vector Design and Packaging


Flow Cytometry

Protein Assays

Electron Microscopy